Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weekend Away in Harrogate

After I finished my MA last month I went away to celebrate with some family and some friends. There were seven of us - my mum, auntie Caroline, my BFFs Sam and Jacqui, Steph, Leanne, and me.

I booked Braham cottage near Harrogate and would highly recommend it - it's in the middle of nowhere so very quiet, it's very well-equipped and comfortable, really cosy, and the owners are really friendly. I think we might go back as my stepdad likes stargazing and it's so dark it would be perfect for that! We paid for the extra bed which was in the sort of playroom between the kitchen and the stairs. Steph slept here and said she was fine, although it doesn't have much privacy. The house has two bathrooms though, which is lovely when there's a few of you. I got a double bed to myself which was excellent - I slept right in the middle!

We cooked in teams which I love to do. We drank a LOT of alcohol. On the Saturday we went swimming in Harrogate and we played board games. My mum brought along a murder mystery too which was really cheesy but funny and good fun to do!

I had such a good time with my friends and mum and aunt. I got prints of the photos of all of us and sent them to all of them as a thank you.

This is the very comfortable cosy living room

With woodburning stove

The kitchen has sooo much stuff and also a nice dining table in the middle. 

Here's my mum, aunt, and Sam

All of us on Saturday night - I love this photo!


Sam set this up for the murdery mystery

Saturday evening chilli

And again

On Sunday evening there was just us four and my mum left so we made ridiculous cocktails in pitchers

Here's my cake!

And this I think was the Cheeky Vimto we introduced my aunt to! She decided it was a waste of good port!


  1. What a wonderful weekend you had! I am so pleased you had so much fun. I was quite busy this weekend but have promised my family to take them for dinner at one of popular local party venues next weekend. I hope I’ll get time for family this time.