Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Baby Blanket for a Friend

My friend Gillian had her baby Lily at the beginning of July, and I had already started work on this blanket for the baby. I thought Gillian would like the yellow and grey theme, even though the grey ended up being much darker than I thought it was going to be. Because of that, I only did a few rows of grey and let the yellow speak for itself. I wanted to do simple granny clusters, but didn't want to do a square, so I joined up two squares to make a rectangle, and then started crocheting around them. I felt like it wasn't rectangular enough, so I added three rows on the short side in the yellow. The finished article is around 26" by 22", and oh so squidgy and soft. I really hope Gillian loves it and that Lily grows to love it and plays with it. By the time you read this it'll safely be with Mum and Baby!

Lee held it up for me. It's maybe on the small side for a baby blanket, but I'm sure it's fine anyway! It can be a pram blanket or something

A close up of the colours. I was expecting the grey to be softer

My auntie Chris compliment me on the neatness of my stitches, which is nice!

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