Sunday, September 17, 2017

What I Wore 29th July

At the end of July Lee and I had a very exciting trip to Ikea. Now, the last time we went there, ten years ago, we argued for ages and it was a nightmare, so I've never been with him since. I'm not a fan of Ikea, I don't find it a fun day out, but we needed shelving for all the books in the back bedroom, so off we went.

We did okay, we didn't argue, we had lunch in the cafe and I tasted the famous meatballs - they were yummy! When it came to getting home, I had to sit in the back of the car behind Lee so that we could put the new unit over the passenger seat. It was ridiculous! We picked up a bookcase, some loose shelves, some boxes for the cellar, a sieve, some funnels, some photo frames, a new washing up brush, and a cuddly toy panda! Haha, it's a good job we didn't go for much...

Anyway this is what I wore to go out in. I really love this Scarlett & Jo skirt and often pull it on because it's easy to wear. The mint green top matches the mint green in the skirt and makes it pop I think. The top actually has a peplum, which I don't like, but I got it in the sale for about a fiver, so it's perfect to tuck into the skirt. Then I popped on my Sprinkle of Glitter wrap cardigan, it is navy blue.

I love the cardigan. I bought it in a 26 to start off with, which I've worn loads and which you've seen before. However, it seemed to stretch really quickly, so when I saw the cardigans in the sale on Simply Be I bought it again in a size 22. I feel like this one looks better on me for a proper 'outfit', but I'll definitely keep the other one too for work days and stuff.

I really ought to have worn my navy blue leggings with this outfit, but I forgot until we got to Ikea!

Definitely no room for me in this passenger seat!

Here's what my view was, instead

And here's my outfit!

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