Monday, September 4, 2017

Isle of Wight - Day 2

After our breakfast in the gorgeous Airbnb (I swear I'm not on commission) we headed to Sandown, in the east of the island. It doesn't take you very long to drive anywhere on the Isle of Wight, even though the roads are really small. There is a distinct lack of signage, though. Signs just... stop. Run out. I was really glad we had our phones for satnavs.

Driving through Newport

Driving through what is, for the Isle of Wight, a pretty big road. They're usually narrower.

Sandown is a typical seaside resort. We wandered into several shops on the high street which sold crafty things and hippy things, and then wandered down on to the beach. It was practically abandoned!

It seemed like a sleepy kind of town but I liked it.

Me and Von

The pier.

We went into the amusement arcade and played on the 2p machines. I won 70p on one, I think that's the most anyone has ever won on one of those! Then we played an Aztec themed mini golf which was fun

Back outside we had a drink. I'm wearing one of the Scarlett & Jo Lollidot dresses, this is such a gorgeous summer dress as it's so lightweight but the small capped sleeves protect against the sun a bit.

Then we headed to the Garlic Farm which everyone recommended! There's a garlic tasting room, a museum, a cafe, a wildflower meadow, playground, all of that stuff. 

Von ready for lunch

We each had a cream tea which was warm and yummy.

We bought some souvenirs in the shop. This peacock was wandering around.

And this poem was on display in the toilets. It has such a weird rhyme scheme!

On the move again down a smaller road. Von drove the whole way which was amazing for me as it meant I could just watch the world go by

We headed to Shanklin to look at the sea. The beach was pretty full of people swimming and sunbathing.

I love beaches, I want to live by the beach

Proof that I paddled! If we'd had more time I would have swum, but I didn't want to get all wet and sandy.

Looking up the beach

And looking down the beach

Von paddling, this is such a gorgeous photo of her!

We had the world's hugest ice cream from a kiosk on the beach.

We then drove to Totland, near Alum Bay, where I'd booked a room for the evening. I'd booked us into the Highdown Inn in Totland. It was nice and clean and the room was lovely, but in the evening we had food there and it took a long time to come. Then in the morning at breakfast time the landlady was quite rude to us. So I'm not sure I would recommend it!

We had a mermaid gin each. I'm not really a gin drinker but this was quite nice. I had grilled goats cheese (which eventually came after 35 minutes) and homemade lasagne, which were both delicious. 

After we'd eaten we went upstairs to, you guessed it, drink wine and watch a film. To say we were above the pub it was a lovely quiet room. The breakfast was nice other than the rudeness! 

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