Thursday, September 21, 2017

Films of the Month - July

I watched ten films in July which is a lot by my standards. Of those, I hadn't seen five of them before. I make a note of that with an orange dot in my list.

This is one of my favourite films and I watch it when I need comforting. It's the story of two boys falling in love on a London housing estate in a heatwave, and it feels more relevant than ever even though it's 21 years old. Watch it if you haven't ever seen it

This was for my online film club, which is linked to my online book club. It's a musical, only the weirdest and most depressing musical ever. I quite liked it, despite the macabre subject.

Lee wanted me to watch this because I'd made him read The Hate U Give and the subject is quite similar. I don't really like Cuba Gooding Jr but it's a good film

Von and I watched most of this while we were in the Isle of Wight, so I'm counting it

Then Von and I watched this the following night. It's my favourite of the X Men films, mostly because I love Quicksilver. I'd like a whole two hour film of him just messing stuff up, if I'm honest

Someone on Instagram recommend this and it's great! It's on Netflix and it's documentary about yarn artists across the world, and about protest and stuff too. It's really good!

I went to the cinema to see this with two friends. I mostly wanted to see it because Harry Styles is in it and I love him, but it is really good. Yes, it's whitewashed people of colour out of existence, and there are no women in it, but it's well done, and it is panicky, I was on the edge for the whole time. And Harry is great

Something reminded me about how great this film was, so I watched it for maybe the second time? It's about the women of the Ford factory in Dagenham and how they fought for equal pay, it's good

Lee and I watched this over about three nights because it is just so long. It's so good though.

And finally, I watched this at a party a friend threw, which was 90s themed and for which we all had to wear pyjamas. I haven't seen it since I was a kid!

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