Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What I Wore 19th July

I went to work on the 19th of July, to a new client where I had to do payroll for the first time in four years, which took me nearly all day and was tiring and confusing. I had to do pensions for the first time, which is a useful skill set I'm sure. It was just very tiring!

Anyway, since I had talen this top on holiday but not worn it I decided to put it on with my black skirt and my plain black shoes. It's gorgeous quality and I love the stripes. The sleeves aren't 3/4 length as I'd thought, but are longer and tighter than a normal t-shirt. I would like t-shirts like this in every colour and pattern ever, please!

I wore this new lightning bolt necklace that I got on eBay for like £2, such a bargain! I had painted my nails this cheery blue too, I felt like it was a real summer colour. It is Royal Botanical Gardens by Nails Inc, and it had separated badly in the bottle so the application was a bit streaky, but I don't care.

Pink striped t-shirt, Sprinkle of Glitter via Simply Be

Lightning bolt necklace, eBay

Nails Inc nail polish

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