Saturday, September 30, 2017

What I Wore August 20th

Lee had a week off around his birthday in August, and he asked if we could go to my mum's caravan in York for a few days. We went back in April and had a lovely time, so we thought we'd go again and have a nice time. We set off on Sunday morning and got there around lunchtime. This is what I was wearing - Laura gave me this dress so I thought I'd try it out straight away. It's a Scarlett and Jo one and I love the paisley pattern on it. It's easy to wear like so many of their dresses are, but I felt pretty fancy for the afternoon walking around shopping!

We went to Primark at Monks Cross because I wanted to look at the Harry Potter stuff in there, and we got Lee some new stuff too. We went to Marks & Spencer because we needed some pop, I also managed to get some of the creme brulee liqueur that I had last Christmas and really enjoyed. I bought two bottles this time and will probably buy some more closer to Christmas! Then we drove to the designer outlet because I wanted to go to Paperchase, but there wasn't much there. Then we went into the Lindt shop and bought a ton of the Lindt chocolates - so yum! We went back to the caravan and watched a film before going out to get a takeaway to take back there to eat. It was lovely relaxed day!

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