Monday, September 25, 2017

Amy & Mike's Wedding

In the middle of August my lovely friends Amy and Mike got married under a tree in a field in Cheadle. It was so lovely, so DIY, so them. They hired a Scout hut that had two fields behind it, and they and lots of their friends were camping in one of the fields for the whole weekend. Lee and I went over on the Saturday morning and stayed in one room in the bunk house.

The ceremony started around noon and was under a huge, very beautiful tree. Amy's dad conducted it, which was really nice. I was asked to read the bit which ends "Love is patient, love is kind" from 1 Corinthians, which was a huge honour and privilege. Amy and Mike lit candles together and we all clapped, which is one of those things I love about weddings.

We had mojitos to celebrate, and then photos, and then headed into the Scout hut for the wedding breakfast. It was delicious - fresh bread, butter, salads, cured meat, olives, all kinds of delicious stuff like that. Then the music festival began - there were bands playing, and tea and cake, and a cinema tent, and a fire pit, and a bar, and temporary tattoos and glitter, and paella to eat. It was so much fun, and by the end of the night I was sitting contentedly by the fire with a glass of white wine talking to my friend Michelle.

There are five of us who went to 6th form together and are all still friends. We meet up at Christmas and try to see each other during the year too, but it doesn't always work out that way! I haven't seen Ailsa for two years, since Gillian got married in July 2015. She and her partner came from Oxford but could only stay for a few hours as they had a family party to go to in the evening. Gillian recently had a baby (I made her the baby blanket) so she and Tom left around 8pm I think to get Lily home. Michelle is a pastor and she'd been in Glasgow conducting a wedding earlier in the day, so she didn't manage to get to Amy's wedding until around 9.30 but then she and I had a really nice conversation.

Lee and I went to bed around midnight, the bunk room was warm enough and comfortable enough. Sunday morning started early and I was pretty hungover. I got dressed and headed outside where the sun was shining brightly. Amy's cousin offered me a cuppa, which I drank in the sunshine chatting to others, and then I felt a hundred times better. Gary and Elise were in charge of breakfast so sausage sandwiches and fruit appeared which was amazing. As we left we took cake, flowers, leftover mustard and pickled onions! It was such a lovely wedding and perfect for Amy and Mike.

Here's my photos:

The ceremony tree. Huge, gorgeous, and really old!

Lee and I, I really like this photo!

Amy and her brother coming from one side of the grounds (Mike and his family came from the other)

During the vows - this might have been when their dog Poppy brought the rings!

Emma and her daughter Sophie

Lighting the candle

Gillian and Tom and baby Lily

Amy and her gorgeous dress, which she bought as a basic and altered herself. Her flowers were gorgeously pretty, too, and I'm pretty sure she's never going to take that flower crown off. 

Gillian and Ailsa and me. We managed to coordinate so well without meaning to! This is the best picture of my outfit. My dress is cream and lacy, it was from Asos years ago and I had totally forgotten about it until a few months ago. It still had the tags on! I thought I would save it for Amy's wedding. My cardigan is from Sainsburys, and my purple leggings are from H&M. 

These little ducks were on the bridge of the stream, so cute.

Little details like this made it so perfect. 

Ailsa and me. Even though I haven't seen Ailsa in two years, we have that kind of friendship where we can pick up a conversation as if we saw each other yesterday. 

Father of the bride speech. Amy's mum did a speech first, which was lovely, then Glen, then the best man, then Amy, and then Mike. 

Amy's speech

Amy has the most gorgeous writing. She's an artist. 

Cakes in the cake tent! I think they were all vegan. They were certainly very yummy.

Later on Lee and I went back to our room to put warmer clothes on. I slipped my Sprinkle of Glitter wrap cardigan on as it has long sleeves. I also had my hoodie on. I was grateful to have a warm room to sleep in rather than a cold tent!

I was also uber glamorous and put socks on with my sandals. Parts of the site had turned very muddy with earlier rain and my sandals were the best shoes to navigate that, but I didn't want my feet to freeze either.

The fire pit. It had logs and benches all around it to sit on. I love campfires.

Sunday morning! 

And finally, here are the flowers Amy gave me. They had been on the tables in the hut, and are just so Amy because they're yellow and white! Just so beautiful.

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  1. This looks so lovely! Our original plan was to have a festival wedding very similar to this, but when we thought about the work involved and my tendency to become obsessive and anxious about projects, we went for a quieter and simpler approach. I'm totally happy with how we ended up having ours, but I love looking at weddings like this one!