Friday, June 28, 2013

Epic weekend with my rad gang

Last weekend was an epic weekend! It was Becky's birthday weekend; she decided she wanted to come up to South Yorkshire to hang out with us rad fats. So on Friday night I had a houseful: Lisa, Rachel, Becky, Bettie, and Jen. We got Chinese food and just chilled out - it turned crazy! We were comparing bras and whether they fit, we were making all kinds of inappropriate jokes, and one by one we went to bed - late. I personally crashed on the couch at 5.30am. It's a LONG time since I did that.

On Saturday once we were all somewhat awake, we got the train to Meadowhall. Six fat lasses do cause quite a stir. By myself I never get much hassle, or maybe I don't notice it, but together we get a lot of attention. Maybe it's because we're confident and self-assured and, well, loud? It's great, though.

In Meadowhall we were joined by Beth and Nicola. We got lunch (badly needed by me as I was so tired/hungover) and went shopping. I personally tried to not spend much as I'm about to go on holiday, but I did buy a top in New Look, a top and a cardigan in Evans, and some stationery in Paperchase! Here's some photos:

Rachel gave me this dress - it's from New Look, it's size 24 which can be too small for me but I've decided it looks great anyway! I love having friends of similar sizes now - we swap clothes a lot!

This is what I was wearing on Friday, AX Paris dress with feather print from Simply Be, a bargain £20!

And here's a sneak preview of what I bought in Evans! I love it and it will be so nice on holiday!


  1. I LOVE your outfit in the first photo! And the necklace looks gorgeous too! <3

  2. Love those clothes, wish we had more places to buy in NZ, instead of doing it all online.... :)