Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I Wore June 16th

Today is Father's Day, so it's a bit of a hard day for me because my dad died over 5 years ago. I miss him every single day. He wasn't perfect, but he did his absolute best and he loved me more than he could express. I am a lot like him in a lot of ways.

I have a great stepdad now, N. He married my mum 3 years ago and I gained all his family too - including my stepsister. However, she had a falling out with her dad last year and we haven't seen her since then. So Father's Day is hard for N, too, since he won't get anything from my sister. Lee and I always give him something - this year I bought him some fudge, and some DVDs which I took a chance on - and thankfully he didn't already have any of them! I bought Slumdog Millionaire, Taken, and Angels and Demons.

We went out for lunch to a pub near here. It's a very basic place, but very cheap and everything is homemade, so we like it. I had garlic mushrooms, lasagne, and chocolate fudge cake! I'm stuffed!

Anyway, this is what I wore. I loved the new Clements Rebeiro collection at Evans, and I asked my mum if she would so kindly buy me one of the dresses, and she decided to spoil me and say yes! I ordered the daisy print and the lip print dresses, and was so excited when they arrived,

However, the 26/28 (damn dual sizing!) did NOT fit me. A lot of people have said that this collection runs small, and it seriously does. I sent both dresses back; I was bummed out!

Anyway, then I went to Meadowhall with my friend Chloe and saw this dress in the Evans store. I tried on the 30/32 and it felt a lot better on me. It was a bit shapeless, though, so Chloe foisted this belt upon me, and it did the trick.

This is what I looked like taking a selfie in the mirror

I felt like this was quite short on me, but I love this dress so much that I decided "Whatever!" and wore it anyway. Plus I was only walking from the car into the pub.

Here I am outside the pub, Lee took this photo for me. Legs out for real!

With a bit more wearing I'm sure I'll gain in confidence, I love this dress so much!


  1. Looks gorgeous on you, swit swoo! ;)

  2. it looks lovely on you. it is a bit shorter than i've seen you wear but I don't think it's too short. but so what you look great and I agree some time things take a few wearings to get used to xxx

  3. That looks really lovely, I adore the styling you have done with it (is that a real sentence lol???). Very pretty look and perfect on you xxx Rose

  4. You look fab and I actually think the length looks great on you. I've seen it on some people who were a bit shorter and it looked like it had dwarfed them slightly but on you it looks perfect! x x

  5. That dress is awesome and I think the length really suits you. I'm self-conscious in short things sometimes but opaque tights or leggings make me much more confident. Plus, because it's such a striking print the eye is drawn to you and the dress, rather than your legs - especially with the belt because it shows off your waist so well.