Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore Sunday July 7th

On Sunday Lee and I went to Sheffield to meet Bettie and Jen for lunch. It was a really hot day and kids were playing in the fountains in the Peace Gardens. We bought burritos - which were huge, and amazing, got cool drinks in a coffee shop, and got ice lollies too. It was a lovely day!

This is what I wore...

Here I am wearing Lauren's ice cream print dress! 
My leggings were from eBay, and my bag is from H&M

My jelly shoes are perfect for summer days. They were from Tesco a couple of years ago

This ring is just so kitsch! It came in a pack of five - all different colours - from H&M for just £2.99

These bracelets! If you were an alternative teen in the 90s you probably wore these bracelets all up your arms. They came in a pack of 5 for like £1 from Woolworths. I found these two a few years ago and wear them sometimes. They're cute!

(If someone gave you one it was SUCH an honour!)

Here's my face in close up - bright pink lipstick and my Riot necklace that my BFF Sam bought off Etsy for me a couple of years ago

And I even had ice creams in my ears!


  1. This outfit has all the win! Loving the dress (obvs), the ring, the earrings, and the little star bracelets are lovely!