Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Wore August 24th

So my friend announced that she was coming up from Oxford and was I free to see her? I was, but I didn't have time to shower, so here's what I threw on to go to the pub for lunch.

I do like this dress, but it's a bit longer than I'm used to, and wearing short leggings with it feels weird. My long leggings were in the wash, so I opted to go out with bare legs! This was WAY out of my confort zone but I was determined to do it anyway!

I've also decided to start wearing my Dr Marten boots again. It's part of the hard femme aesthetic that I try to embody. I had them when I was a teenaged goth and was rarely separated from them for about 4 years. I could never bear to throw them away even though they're a bit knackered. Knackered boots are the best! I bought some new laces on eBay, they're hot pink satin ribbon with aglets on the end for threading. I think they look ace!

Dress, Asos

Boots, Dr Marten

Lee told me that I looked really two-tone and that he liked it :) 

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