Friday, August 9, 2013

What I Wore August 5th

I arranged to meet my friend Sarah at Meadowhall on Monday as she's on school holidays (she's a TA). We like shopping and then eating at Yo Sushi, so we had a bit of a mooch around before lunch. I got some nail polish and a dress in the sale at New Look. I was a bit disappointed with the selection of stuff in the Yours store currently - it seems to be all black/dark, with drab prints. Brighten it up!

We had a nice lunch at Yo Sushi, but Sarah wasn't feeling well so rushed off afterwards. In the rush I forgot to get her to take my photo, so instead I found a nice Clinique worker and asked her to take my photo. I did explain that it was for my blog. Thanks nice lady!

I've only worn this dress once before, but I don't know why as I feel great in it!

Dress - Clements Rebeiro from Evans last year. 
Belt - from another dress
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Dr Marten

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  1. That dress is great on everyone! I wish I'd bought one