Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Every Day in August - Round Up

I had so much fun trying to blog every day in August. Although I missed a couple of days, I still managed to blog much more than I would in a normal month. I also posted about a lot more things than I normally would, not just fashion. I like that, and I think I'll keep doing that. This is my blog and I want to share things from my life as well as what I'm wearing.

It was a busy month but really fun. I really enjoyed Style XL, going away for Lee's birthday, and the meal we had one Saturday lunchtime just with each other. I enjoyed having friends to stay and seeing a few more at other events. I read a couple of good books this month and watched some great films. It's been a nice, happy making month.

This photo is of the dessert I had when Lee and I went to the Toss O' Coin pub in Holmfirth. It was really yummy, as was the fish and chips I had before it. I recommend the pub if you're close by!

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