Friday, September 5, 2014

Degustabox Review

First off - I was not gifted this box for review - it was purchased with my own money.

Debz mentioned on Facebook that Living Social had a deal on to get a Degustabox for £4. I love deals like that, so I skipped across and bought the deal, and redeemed it in time to receive the August box. I was impressed! I filled out some preferences on the website and feel that these have been adhered to.

This is a really substantial box and it's well packaged inside. My croissants and pains au lait did get slightly squashed but it won't affect the taste I'm sure.

Left to right - pains au lait, fajita spice mix, Berry White juice, Lindt chocolate hearts, Spanish chicken spice mix, apple and pear juice, edible cupcake cases, croissants, tortilla chips, Caribbean Twist alcoholic drink

I'm looking forward to trying the spice mizes. They are little pots of oil with the spices already in so I imagine you just heat them up and add your chicken or whatever. I also love apple and pear juice so I'm sure this will last no time. And who doesn't like Lindt chocolate?!

The Caribbean Twist looks interesting - it's strawberry daquiri flavoured. I might take it away camping actually! 

The box regularly sells at £12.99 which I feel is worth it, so for now I'm going to keep the subscription and see how we get on with it! 

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  1. £4! bargain. Caribbean twist now thats a blast from the past if ever there was one!! xxx