Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trip to Portsmouth

During October half term my friend Sam and I went to Surrey to stay with my cousin while my aunt and uncle were in Budapest. He doesn't really need babysitting, he's 17, but we were happy to go and keep an eye on him and the cats. We had a really chilled week with lots of delicious food. On the Friday we went down the A3 to Portsmouth.

My godmother lived in Portsmouth until a few years ago, so I'm familiar with it. She and her partner actually lived in Southsea so we headed there first to play in the amusement arcades.

Sam and Peter were much better than me at 2p machines :(

I beat Sam at air hockey though.

This is where the hovercraft arrives to.

Selfie - and yes I had an infection in my right eye which was why it was almost closed! You'll be glad to know I went to get it looked at, was sent to the eye clinic at my local hospital, and came away with steroid drops to mend it!

Peter is taller than me, I can't believe he's 17 (aren't I 17?)

I put this picture on Instagram with the caption "two of my favourite people in the world" and it's so true, they both are.

After a lunch of chips and pop in the car, we decided to go up Spinnaker Tower, I'd never been but Peter had. 

The hand samp is shaped like the tower!

Various views from 100m up

There's also a glass floor at 100m, you can walk on it but that freaked me out too much!

Sam did though

And Peter

And Sam even lay down on it for me!

This is the rest of Gunwharf Quays. That building in the middle at the top is nicknamed The Lipstick!

After the tower we went back to Southsea for ice cream.

I love beach huts, they're so beautiful. I have fond memories of hiring one on Scarborough beach on the Sunday School trip!

And another selfie - my eye looks terrible, doesn't it?


  1. I love Portsmouth :) Especially Gunwharf Quays. I've been there so many times, way before the tower was ever built, and still have never gone up it! Great photos!
    Jas Poole Blog | Photography & Lifestyle

  2. It was so lovely to see you when you were down here. :) I've written a little bit about our lunch in my latest post if you want to take a look. :) Hope to see you sometime soon again. :)

    Here is the link

    xxx Mookie