Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Films of the Months - October 2015

Here's what I watched in October - better than last month but not by much!

My BFFs came to stay with me the 2nd weekend in October and we watched three films, each more terrible/amazing than the last!

Firstly was Bring It On, which is a tradition between us, even though it's about 3 years since we last watched it.

Next was Whip It, which I love because Ellen Page

And Drew Barrymore!

Then we watched Just My Luck

With hilarious cameos from McFly, playing the same song over and over!

A week later while away with my mum and stepdad, we watched Escape From New York, it didn't do much for me but I'm putrting it on my list!

Then on Halloween I was with Sam and she found The Addams Family on the TV, which is an absolute classic!

What did you watch in October?

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  1. I love your first 3 films, I've watched them all multiple times, I can't watch sensible grown up films, only nice fluffy films!