Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Symmetry

Twitter is a terrible place! Your friends post about the bargains that they've just bought, and you end up buying them yourself! It's terrible!

I think I saw Becky tweeting about this skirt first, and then Lisa bought it, and Steph did too - and we've all styled it differently. So here's my take on it

You can't see the skirt very clearly, but my cream top is from New Look, the cardigan is from New Look, and the feather boa is from Claire's Accessories. 

I was at the Rocky Horror Show with my mum, Sam, and my Auntie Gill. Gill has never seen it live before, but me and my mum have been going since I was about 14! 

Nearly everyone was dressed up last night, there were so many pretty people to look at! I love the inventiveness of the costumes sometimes.

Before we went to the theatre we ate at Prezzo which is Italian, it was delicious. Sam and I shared a bottle of prosecco, which I love. Here I am with my fancy glass. 

You can see the skirt more clearly here. It's from Yours Clothing, the top layer is chiffon with velvet spots on, of different sizes. The bottom layer is a really soft stretchy cotton. The waistband on this is at least two inches wide, which is great because it means the skirt doesn't ride up. I've worn it twice and it's so comfortable, it's definitely going to be my go-to skirt this summer.

Plus, it was only £9.60 in the sale! Now that's my kind of shopping!

You can see how the others styled their skirt, here:

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  1. Twitter is a bugger for making me buy things!

    You look fab, I love how we've all worn it in different ways.