Sunday, April 7, 2013

Magnificent Seven #1

Beth has created a clothing challenge called Magnificent Seventh - on the 7th of each month a group of us will be shopping our own wardrobes to create styles upon some really fun themes.

This month is MONOCHROME. Now I originally thought this just meant black and white, and although I wear black sometimes, I don't like to wear totally black. I spent too long hiding my body in black shapeless clothes, so I now avoid just black where possible. If I do wear a black dress, I wear it with bright leggings.

I do often wear black and white and brown for work, but my work clothes tend to be REALLY boring, so instead I looked monochrome up on Wikipedia and found it can be shades of the same colour. I instantly knew which outfit I'd share.

This peach dress is from New Look, I got it about this time last year. It's a really gorgeous style on me; I have three dresses in this style now. 

Lee took this photo, the sun is so bright but that's gorgeous, I love sunny weather! 

The shrug is from Yours Clothing, I got it at the end of last year in the sale. They have lots similar, though. 

This is a close up of the print. 

So yes, this IS monochrome, because it's two shades of peach!

Check out the other fatshionistas in the challenge:


  1. love your take on monochrome, you have really thought outside of the box.x

  2. Great look! So different and so cute!!! :)


    Mary ;)*

  3. Great spin on Monochrome. I always just thought it was black and white live and learn!
    You look fab,the peach dress is really pretty!

  4. You look fab! I've always thought black and white as monochrome, I'll be googling the rest of our themes from now on :) x

  5. I love it, you rebel you :) Such a great idea! The print is gorgeous and you look fab xxx

  6. I love learning new things. I have spent my life in black and since I discovered colour will never go back either! Xxx

  7. I love your take on monochrome, I was thinking of doing a blue version but went with B&W.

    I have this dress and It looks so much better on you xxx

  8. Love this dress!