Monday, April 29, 2013

What I Wore 27th April, and Barratts shoes #1

On Saturday I worked in my friend Chloe's shop in Leeds (please do go into Bird's Yard if you're in Leeds - it really needs your business!) and I wore a new top and some new shoes, so I got Lee to snap a quick photo when I got home.

This top is from H&M, it's a 3XL. The 2XL fitted fine but was too short, so I swapped it for the 3XL. I loved the pattern and I love the sleeve length - just long enough but not too long! You can see my new tattoo just peeping on my right arm, by the way. I got it last Thursday and it's currently really really itchy! 

The skirt is my staple Simply Be denim skirt. 

This is a relaxed outfit, perfect for running around in. 

A few weeks ago Kieron from the Barratts blog offered bloggers who haven't worked with Barratts before the chance to choose some shoes for review. 

Now, I have a policy that I won't work with companies that I don't like - it's not worth it. But I like Barratts. I nearly always go in their shop when I go past one. They have a really good price range I think - cheaper shoes that are very fashionable and that you will only wear for a season or two, and more expensive ones that you know will last for years. I think my mum was right - cheap shoes don't last! For the past year I've been wearing Mary Jane Dr Marten shoes almost every day, they were expensive but they will last and last. 

I have so many pairs of ballerina flats like this and I love them because they're just so cute. This pair was just £3 in the sale (they may have gone now though). They're pink with broderie anglaise which is just so gorgeous. I got them in my usual size 6 and they are perfect - flexible, comfortable, and oh so stylish!

I got another pair of shoes from Barratts which I'll review later. Thank you Kieron for the opportunity - I can't say no to free shoes!


  1. I love thisnew blog of yours, Rebs!

    & I just nominated you for a Liebster award for it - I kinda snuck you in at the end because I had you in mind for it the whole way through writing it, then putting your blog down slipped my mind when I finally posted in late yesterday evening. ANYWAY! You are on there now, hope you can do it :) x

  2. you look fab, those shoes are so cute x