Thursday, September 26, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone #16 - Nightwear

This time was my turn to choose the theme and I'd been planning it for months! We never see nightwear in the fat blogging world, and basically I wanted to see all the sexy babes in their nightwear! 

This is what I said: "I want to pick 'nightwear'! Let's see what you wear to bed, or flash us your naughty but nice undies, or show us what you'd wear for a good old fashioned sleepover."

I wear nighties, they're not sexy but they're comfortable and don't get stuck to me like pyjamas do (I do wear pyjamas if it's REALLY cold). I buy them in three packs from Simply Yours and then just wear and wear them until they fall apart. 

Here is one of my nighties. This is actually about calf length. All my nighties have ridiculous prints on them. 

Posting this photo is REALLY out of my comfort zone as I'm not wearing a bra! 

And this is my dressing gown. It's from Yours Clothing and it is the softest fluffiest thing ever. Lee calls it my Star Fluff. When I posed for this photo he laughed at me and told me I was cute :D 

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  1. Awww so cute. I love your nightie, I don't feel comfortable in them I get all twisted. I must wriggle a lot! Your dressing gown is fab. You look all cosy x

  2. I love big cuddly dressing gowns! x

  3. Wow...Lovely Nightwear. I'm sure its so soft. I want this one for my Grand ma!!!