Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wales Outfit #1

Lee and I went to Rhyl while we were in Anglesey, to play in the amusements and stuff. While we were they I popped into the tiny Evans, and bagged a bargain!

I liked this dress when I first saw it in the Scarlett and Jo collection, but I probably didn't like it enough to pay full price for it. But this was on the sale rail for only £15, it was the only one, and it was my size! It definitely had to come home with me.

I wore it out to a lovely restaurant one night, and wore a ton of makeup (by my standards). I felt pretty spiffing!

Lipstick is MAC Russian Red

Dress, Scarlett & Jo
Leggings, H&M
Shoes, eBay

I'm showing more VBO than I'd usually like, too. But I thought fuck it and wore it anyway!

This was my yummy dessert.

And here's my face, I love this photo even though I was too warm!

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  1. you look fab in this dress, it's such a good colour on you x