Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Wore August 31st

By the time you read this I'll be in Wales for a week! I'm going with Lee, my mum, stepdad, and grandma. We wanted to take our bikes so decided a preliminary bike ride would be a good idea. I'd been driving over the moors from home to Manchester this week and decided that I wanted to go on the Trans Pennine Trail near Dunford Bridge. There's a pub near there called the Dog and Partridge which I've always wanted to try, too.

We set off and drove, and parked near the beginning of this part of the trail. My bike needed a lot of air in both tyres, but we set off once that was done. It's a very easy trail as it's very flat - it used to be a train line that went through the Pennines through the Woodhead tunnel. It's got a stream and lots of seats and lots of things to see. It was quite busy for late on a Saturday afternoon with walkers, dogs, lots of cyclists and even a couple of joggers!

It's ages since I was on my bike so I was determined not to push myself too far, but I still managed to cycle over 3 miles! Isn't that impressive? I'm so proud of myself. The others went a bit further and then we turned back. However, the saddle on my bike is broken, and that's meant I've been tipping to one side, and it's put the back wheel and the handlebars out of alignment. The back wheel got stuck and I couldn't ride it all the way back, so we all walked much of the way.

Anyway, here is what I wore

Denim skirt - Simply Be (about five years old)
T-shirt - see below
Pointelle top - New Look (last year)

I had this pointelle top in purple in a size 26 but it's just too big for me - it stretches a LOT. This is a 24 and fits much better. It's really warm :) 

My t-shirt was designed by my lovely friend Tukru and proclaims that I love zines! 

And this is where we set off from :) 

We had tea at the pub and it was REALLY good. There isn't a huge choice and it's mainly ordinary pub fare - fish and chips, sandwiches, steak and ale pie, etc, but it was ALL homecooked - including the chips and onion rings. I had a lovely burger and chips and onion rings, mmmm. 

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