Monday, February 24, 2014

What I Wore February 14th

Lee and I went to Helmsley in North Yorkshire for Valentine's Day. It's a little town that I really like and where I'll often take visitors to Yorkshire. I've never stayed over, though, so we decided to join my mum and stepdad who were already going there for an evening at Duncombe Park. We all stayed in the Royal Oak which is on the market square in Helmsley, and which I recommend if you're looking for a B&B in the area.

Lee and I ate in the pub which was yummy, all homemade food and nice staff. We had a few drinks with my mum and Norman when they got back. On the Saturday we had a lovely breakfast in the B&B and then we had a lovely walk around Helmsley popping in all the shops.

Here's what I wore on the Friday night:

Purple chiffon dress: Yours Clothing - was one of the 99p dresses that they had on special offer a few weeks ago. Its original price was £40 which I wouldn't have paid, but for 99p I'm not complaining! 
Cardigan: New Look ages ago

Look at the swish landing behind me!

And a close up of my face and, apparently, cleavage!

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  1. ���������� looking gorgeous in purple dress and lips!