Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Big Boogie Prom

So as I mentioned here before, I was organising a "body positive, queer, trans inclusive prom" which was held in Wakefield on 29th March. I had a really amazing time and I'm going to run it again next year, but probably in Sheffield. There weren't as many attendees as I'd have liked but I think everyone had a great time.

I had got some great sponsors/raffle prize givers so first of all I'd like to thank them:

- The Melting House in Mirfield did a special deal on chocolates for the goodie bags for me and also donated a raffle prize
- Sarah at Pookledo kindly donated a pair of earrings for each goodie bag; if you don't wear earrings I hope you could find someone to pass them on to
- My friend Meg baked the lovely lemon cupcakes
- My mum bought the table flowers and also let us use the vases from her wedding to display them - gorgeous pink gerberas.
- Fashion World donated a lovely leather leopard print bag for the raffle
- ChunkyCatCuddler donated a gorgeous cat necklace
- Life's Big Canvas donated an amazing stationery set and also Big Boogie Prom badges for each goodie bag
- Cedar Court Hotel donated Sunday lunch for two with a bottle of wine
- Yours Clothing donated two canvas bags and an amazing £50 voucher!

I think all other raffle prizes were bought by me but if I've missed you out I do apologise.

Finally I have to also thank Fashion World for donating my amazing dress to me! It is from the Claire Richards collection. I had seen this dress but couldn't justify it at £90 - however having worn it I do think it's worth it for a wedding or other special occasion. It is absolutely beautiful and I'm not sure photos do it justice. It has netting underneath and is lined which gives it a smooth silhouette and all makes the skirt stick out a bit - perfect for dancing! I also love the fact that it has sleeves and that they're mesh - perfect for me as I don't like baring my arms but do like my tattoos to be seen!

The dress is available here. I also got the matching cardigan but didn't wear it as I was warm. I'll review this separately when I do wear it!

My "official" prom photo. My shoes were from Barratts 4 years ago, I wore them for my mum's wedding and realised they matched the pink flowers in the dress. 

This was after the raffle - my mum bought me some flowers for all my hard work and I knew my stepdad would want a photo. My feet are awkward! 

And here's the shot of all 24 attendees!

All photos courtesy of my stepdad.