Saturday, April 19, 2014

What I Wore March 19th

This was a uni day where I had to give a presentation. I'm doing an MA in Writing, my specialism is Children's Writing as I'm writing a Young Adult novel. So my presentation was on taboo subjects in YA literature in a class that didn't know a lot about YA literature so I hope they enjoyed it.

I got this dress just a couple of weeks ago from New Look in Wakefield. It was £8 in the sale which is a total bargain! I've already worn it twice, it's a nice colour and I like the lace.

I also decided that I was in need of some kawaii ruffly socks so I took to eBay and found these - they're just £1.47 and they arrived in 12 days from China so I was impressed. I got them in purple, pink, and the green here, but I think I'll get them in white and black too. I like how they contribute to my hard femme aesthetic. I wore them with these fake docs type shoes from New Look.

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