Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day trip to Bolton Abbey

This year has seen a rash of birthday parties with friends from uni and 6th form college turning 30 and they've all been unique and reflected the personality of the birthday person, and this trip was no different. My friend Gillian wanted a picnic by the river at Bolton Abbey which is near Ilkley in West Yorkshire. There were two of our other friends from college there, Michelle and Amy, as well as lots of Gillian's friends and family.

Lee came with me which was lovely as we rarely do stuff like this together (he isn't much of an outdoors person). There had been an accident in Ilkley so traffic was terrible but we eventually made it and spent a happy few hours in the sun chatting. Lee went paddling first and sat on a rock, and then I borrowed Gillian's river shoes (a beat up pair of trainers) and went in with Amy. It was LOVELY! On a different day/with different people I'd have been tempted to swim.

Me and Amy paddling

Michelle said this was my pin up pose

How beautiful is the river?

Lee on the rocks! Gillian and her niece and nephew are just behind. 

I recommend it for a day out!

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