Friday, May 1, 2015

April Photo An Hour - 19th April

Sunday 19th April was the last Photo An Hour day hosted by Louisa and Jane, and for me it was a good day because it was my grandma's 89th birthday! My aunt, uncle, one of my cousins, and his girlfriend came up to spend the weekend with us. On  the Saturday my uncle came to help me and Lee and my mum clear away our old kitchen from outside our house (more on the kitchen later - it's been a bit of a nightmare!). On the Sunday we went to my grandma's and had a big family dinner before my aunt and uncle had to leave.

I forgot it was Photo An Hour last month so I'm glad I remembered this time - I'd set a reminder! Here are my photos:

9am was much earlier than I wanted to be awake. I'm so beautiful.

10am, Lee was still asleep so I was reading on my tablet - a new book that I picked up on an Amazon deal, I'm pretty sure it was free.

11am and these are my grandma's presents. I bought her a Seaham seaglass necklace.

Noon and I was finally showered!

1pm at my grandma's house - this is her, then my cousin Rob, then Lee

2pm and dinner is served! My mum, my uncle, and Rob.

3pm and pudding - homemade apple and raspberry crumble, it was delicious!

4pm and I snapped this photo of my grandma's garden just as we were leaving

5pm and I was at my computer writing for my MA deadline. This is my plotting folder.

6pm - this crystal is new, I bought it to hang from the Velux window in my attic room.

7pm and these were the clouds from my attic window - just gorgeous

8pm and this was the part of my novel that I'm writing

9pm and I needed a glass of wine to lubricate the writing....

10pm was teeth brushing time

11pm found me in the same place that I started the day - in bed reading my book!


  1. I love that first photo of you! That's totally my expression when I'm awake earlier than I want to be.

  2. This is such a good idea. P.S. Your morning face is so cute. :) xx