Sunday, August 30, 2015

Camping 7th August

As I said previously, we went camping over the weekend of the 7th with my mum, stepdad, aunt, uncle, and cousins R and P. We went here, which was an extremely peaceful and beautiful campsite, I would definitely recommend it and would love to go again.

Lee and I have recently bought ourselves a new, big, tent. It's a five person, supposedly, but it's got a lovely big porch area and a similar size sleeping area, and it's full head height which is great for getting dressed etc. It's really fantastic, and will have room for all our stuff even when it's raining, but fortunately the weather was fantastic.

We had a great time together cooking and relaxing. Here's a few photos:

It's our tent on the right, then my mum's, then my aunt's. 

Lee and my mum and I playing bowls, good camping fun!

On Saturday evening my mum's cousin G and his partner A came for a barbecue, so here's a photo of everyone!

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