Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rocamadour and What I Wore July 1st

Near to where we stayed in France was a place called Rocamadour which is a town built into the hillside. We parked at the top, by the chateau, and got the cable car down through the rock to the middle, where the church is. We then got in a lift and went to the bottom, where the town is. We had very yummy crepes for lunch, wandered around the town a bit, and then got the lift back up to the church. The shops sold the most amazing Catholic tat, and a friendly nun said hello to everyone. We got the cable car back up to the top and looked out on the town. It's a really nice place, I would recommend a visit if you're in the area!

I wore this rose print top from H&M

My mum assured me that the cable car was just like going into Gringott's Bank

The chateau at the top

Shops in the town

Lee's amazing crepe

The church and its surroundings

It was really pretty, I would definitely go again

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