Friday, August 14, 2015

Taking Shape shop in Sheffield

A few weeks ago I was in Sheffield with a friend for lunch. We ate at the utterly brilliant Blue Moon Cafe, wandered through the continental market that was on, and went through to Orchard Square, which is a fairly new development with a Starbucks, a Waterstones, an Evans, a TK Maxx, stuff like that. There used to be a shop called Evolution in there, which sold weird and wonderful household stuff like a mobile I have in my window, which is a rainbow heart from which flow rainbow ribbons (it's amazing). I had heard that Evolution had closed down, but I wasn't aware that Taking Shape had opened up in its place.

Taking Shape does sizes 14-26 and although I didn't try anything on, certain things certainly seemed to go bigger than a 26. I would say that their style is for an older person than me - a lot of their stuff seems to fit for a woman aged 50+ - there's a lot of classic lines, colours, and fits. The prices are quite high but from what I saw quality was excellent. Their website has a sale section, too. I could imagine finding something for a special occasion like a wedding in here.

There were 3 friendly members of staff inside, all wearing Taking Shape stuff. One chatted to us, but wasn't particularly pushy. I was impressed by the fitting rooms - they're huge. One would have been big enough for a wheelchair user, and all of them had comfy stools inside.

The store is clean, bright, welcoming, and has quite a lot of space between racks

The changing rooms are huge and bright

I loved the print on this swimming costume

And the weirdness of the pleats in this tunic

These tops would be perfect office wear for me - I'm tempted by the blue one!

*I was not compensated in any way for this post - I simply liked the shop, took some photos, and wrote the post.

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  1. A lot of their stuff is oversized. I have a few bits from them which are a 24/26 which would fit a 30/32 easily. Yay for more shopping options near you. :)