Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Films of the Month - September 2015

Again, I didn't watch many films in September, and two of them were, in actuality, made-for-TV dramas. But, here we go anyway!

1) Danny and the Human Zoo
This was on the BBC, it was about Lenny Heny's early life/career, loosely. It was really good and funny

2) Made in Dagenham
I had seen this before, it's about women in the Dagenham Ford factory campaigning for equal pay in the 60s. It's really good, I recommend it for leftie types!

3) The Full Monty
One of my favourite films, I watch it for comfort really. Robert Carlyle is especially excellent, but really the whole cast is great

4) Cider With Rosie
Again this was on the BBC, and was an adaptation of Laurie Lee's book. Samantha Morton was really good as his mum. I enjoyed this, very good viewing 

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