Sunday, December 13, 2015

Periodic Table of Cake!

My friend Dan recently had an event called The Periodic Table of Cake, where you paid £5 and got to eat 10 slices of cake that you had to then rate. Well it sounded fantastic to me so I decided to go, and I also invited my friend Gillian along, as she lives in Leeds and also likes cake a lot! We met just after 6 and got stuck in.

My favourite was definitely the coffee and walnut cake, with a special mention to the chocolate orange brownie (which I believe was gluten free).

Dan is going to be running more events over the year so I recommend liking the Facebook page if you want more information! Also, all money paid goes to charity - I think this time we raised £200 for Breast Cancer Care!

Here was our mark sheet. We had to rate on "richness", "density", and "flavour". I didn't try all the types as I don't like Dundee cake or Pineapple cake or Parkin. I never used to be too keen on Carrot cake but I really enjoyed this piece. 

Here's Gillian with a plateful! The event was held at the most gorgeous vintage tea rooms.

And here's what I wore. I've had this red top for YEARS, the print is an eagle. 

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