Thursday, December 3, 2015

What I Wore November 14th

November 14th was the 40th birthday party of my incredibly talented friend Chloe, held in Leeds. Lee and I went with Bettie and Jen, and even though I had a good time I forgot to take any photos! Fail! I took this photo when I got home which explains the slightly ropey lighting, sorry.

I got this dress recently - I'd been stalking the S&J collection on the Evans website because I wanted the floral prom dress, but wasn't willing to pay full price. I happened on the website when that dress and this were both half price! I snaffled them up quickly!

I liked this dress a lot - it's very similar to this one, except that it's navy blue and there's extra seams on the top which give it a nice shape on me. I love the pink flowers on the skirt of this dress, they're so bright. These dresses are so easy to wear and look good in.

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