Thursday, December 10, 2015

Photo An Hour November

21st November was Photo an Hour which I always like to join in with, and it was also the day of one of our plus size clothes swaps in Yorkshire, this time another one in Sheffield. Here's my photos.

Lee wasn't actually asleep here, and he did agree to my posting this photo! 9am

10am post shower, I always have a photo like this on Photo an Hour!

11am and my outfit for the day 

Noon and I was here, Bettie had already set things up which was excellent!

1pm, the swap was in full swing

2pm, here's Lou and Bettie and Jen, three of my favourites ever 

3pm ish and we'd packed up, here's Bettie with the swap leftovers. Usually I bring them home but Lee isn't very well so we took them all up to the Mind shop on London Rd - they were really grateful for them!

4pm, I managed to parallel park my car 

5pm, I had dropped Lou and Bettie and Jen off at the station and set off home. 

6pm, I was reading in the living room

7pm, my mum and stepdad arrived for tea and we decided to get a Chinese takeaway, I had crispy chilli beef 

8pm and I was drinking cheap white wine

9pm, I was sitting on the floor with the cat because Lee was lying on one sofa being ill, and my mum and stepdad were on the other. 

10pm ish found me back in bed!

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