Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photo An Hour - March!

I don't always post my Photo An Hour photos on here, although they all get posted on my Instagram as they happen. But I thought this day was pretty typical of a Bank Holiday weekend for us, so here we go.

I woke up just before 11am, remembered it was Photo An Hour before I'd done anything else. I had a cold and look awful, and my hair was stuck up in all directions

Noon found me snuggling on the couch reading zines that I borrowed off Bettie

1pm, Lee and I watched My Cousin Vinny which is a great film and you should all watch it

2pm and I was still feeling rough but had managed to get dressed

3pm and I was considering decluttering my desk maybe just a bit

4pm I was reading Tumblr

5pm and it had been raining all day and even hailing for a bit, but then some gorgeous blue sky broke through!

6pm found Lee and I doing some tidying of the attic room

7pm and we were eating tea I think, and watching Phill Jupitus

8pm, Lee was cuddling his shark

9pm, I stood up for two seconds and Ivy stole my spot!

10pm found me drinking wine which is nothing new tbh

11pm and we got into bed, Lee is quite cute here!

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