Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I Wore 23rd April

Debz linked to this dress on Facebook, saying that she'd just bought it on everything5pounds. I've bought from there before but not for a while. Their plus size stuff tends to be a bit haphazard, it's not always actually plus size and the quality can sometimes be really ropey. But I've had a few nice things from there and this dress is definitely one of them!

It has a slight stretch to it and the chiffon sash is really nice too. I think the length is just perfect on me, and the stripes are really nice.

I was wearing a lacy shrug from New Look that you've seen before, leggings from George at Asda, and shoes from New Look 

My face didn't have a lot of make up, but I love this Rimmel lipstick. 

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