Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What I Wore 4th September and a trip out

Recently, with sorting out my dresses, I came across this dress again, so when Lee asked one Sunday morning if I wanted to go to Elsecar Heritage Centre to look at the record shop, I pulled this dress on for a simple outfit of the day. I haven't worn it in ages; in fact looking at the blog, I think this might genuinely be the only time I've worn it.

Elsecar is one of my favourite places to visit, it's a conservation area of a 19th century village, and there's lots of little shops and a visitor centre and an antique centre. It used to go through phases of being fantastic and then being a bit disappointing, but the last few times I've been it's seemed like it was really full and being well used. There's sometimes train things on too, which I'd like to see some time, and if you have time I fully recommend going to Wentworth Garden Centre too as it's nearby.

We arrived to find the place absolutely rammed as there was a craft fair on! We managed to find a parking space and then went for breakfast at the cafe. It's not a bad cafe, but the service can be terrible, so if you are heading to Wentworth I'd recommend going to the cafe there instead. Then we wandered round all the shops and the craft fair. We bought a few bits, and finally went in the record shop. It's called Vinyl Tap!

I bought Lee a record player for his birthday because I thought he'd like to start collecting vinyl, and I wasn't wrong! He bought this Clash 7" and this Off With Their Heads album, and then he also bought me the Springsteen one. I think we'll definitely go back!

It's a very cute little turntable

Look at Bruce's beautiful face

Here's the red dress. I really like the 3/4 length sleeves. Very comfortable dress to wear!

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