Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wales Outfit #3

I was very much on a capsule wardrobe in Wales, but that was good because I was forced to mix and match it up! I wasn't sure what the weather would be like, either. On the first full day we went to look at this lighthouse and Puffin Island, and then we saw dolphins in the sea and stood for ages watching them! Okay they may have been porpoises but they were still incredibly beautiful!

All photos were taken by my mum or my stepdad, and stolen off their Facebook! Haha.

You can see the lighthouse in the background, it's very pretty. Puffin Island is on the right of it, and the straits between the two is really small. 

Skirt, Simply Be
Vest top, Marks & Spencer
Pointelle top, New Look

See? Dolphin! Or porpoise!

Bonus shot of me and my mum rockpooling :) Her cargo pants are from Yours Clothing.

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