Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I Wore October 10th

I went to work in Huddersfield today. I work in a charity two days a month. I really love it. I asked my boss to take a photo of me and although she was bemused she did it. I apologise for the files down the right hand side!

The dress is from Taillissime, which is La Redoute's plus size collection. I bought it over two years ago and used to wear it with a skirt, because I didn't have the confidence to wear dresses like this back then. Since then I haven't touched it, but decided yesterday that it would be lovely with leggings and a belt. It's a lovely colour, and a lovely soft knit. Very suitable for the autumn and winter!

Tunic dress, Taillissime (old)
Leggings, H&M,
Belt, Yours
Shoes, Dr Martens


  1. Ooft! Looking good. The dress is fab.

  2. That is a very nice outfit. Dress looks lovely and what a progress for you to dare to wear it on its own. It looks great!! I love the shoes. I really have to get myself a pair of Docs. It is Christmas soon!! :) xx