Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I Wore October 8th

Now, the good news is that I have added another self employed job to my portfolio. I'll be working in Leeds one day a week doing bookkeeping. Today was my first day and this is what I wore.

Now, both these pieces are new. I bought them in Doncaster on our fat shopping trip. The skirt is from Yours and was £23 and the top is from New Look and was £7 in the sale. I love them both, individually. Together I'm not sure.

A few years ago, this kind of thing was what I wore for work all the time. I wouldn't wear a shorter skirt and I wouldn't wear a dress. I might sometimes wear those things otherwise, but at work I dressed like this. My old skirt like this is wrecked, so I am really glad to have a new one, and I love the details on the arms of the top, but but but ---- something. Just something felt wrong. I didn't feel like me.

I will mix this pieces with other things and see what I think - and next week for this job I'm going in a dress and leggings!

Wine top, New Look sale
Skirt, Yours Clothing

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  1. Love that top missus. That's a lovely bit of wine and no hangover.