Friday, January 24, 2014

My birthday party!

As I mentioned before, I was 30 on 19th January. I had been thinking about it for ages and decided I wanted a party with a curry buffet and with a couple of bands playing. I hired a room at Sandal Rugby Club in Wakefield (recommended) and we decorated it with balloons and had a great time watching two of Lee's bands play. I didn't get chance to speak to people properly but I had such a lovely time. Also the curry was delicious! 

This is my outfit. As I said I bought the dress from Yours in Doncaster; it was £23 in the sale. I liked it because it had sleeves (they're sheer) and was knee length so I actually wore it bare-legged. I loved the bold colour and the embellishment on the waist sash. 

This is my amazing cake. It was made by my sister-in-law's mum and I asked for pink, purple, and Hello Kitty and she definitely did that! It was so nice to have such a personalised cake. It tastes amazing!

This is my mum (left), me, and my auntie Caroline (my mum's sister). You can tell we're related! Also we've all got alcohol in our hands which is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Me and some friends. In the back are Ellen, Ellie and Von who came from London for the party. The girl with turquoise hair is Lucinda. On my left, the last two on the photo, are my BFFs Jacqui and Sam. I adore all these people, but those two especially. I met ALL of these lovely people on the internet! 

Gillian (left), me and Amy were at 6th form college together. There's 5 of us who are still friends who meet up every Christmas and sometimes during the year. The other two couldn't make it unfortunately but I was glad these two came. 

Me and Amy again. There's a picture of us at my 18th birthday party posing very similarly to this so we decided to recreate it now we're twelve years older and wiser!

This was the curry buffet all laid out. It was delicious!

This was the first of Lee's band - Lee is on guitar in the top photo and Miff is singing in the bottom one. This band is anarcho-punk and was extremely LOUD.

This was late on in the evening, we were dancing to Irish punk music, and even Lee danced with me :)

All in all it was a fabulous night and I just want to say thank you to the people who came - some from a long distance - and celebrated with me, and those who helped set up and clear up and so on!


  1. That dress is stunning on you! Red is a wonderful colour on you :D The buffet looks amazing and I'm glad you had such fun :D

  2. You look stunning in red and I'm glad you had an amazing evening! x

  3. It was a great party! I had a fab time and you looked beautiful! Happy 30 years of living :D x

  4. You look so amazing! I'm so glad you had such a brilliant time :) x