Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rad Fat Doncaster Trip #3

We've had a few trips to Doncaster now as it's great for fat shopping. There's a Simply Be, a Yours, a New Look Inspire, all kinds of other things. You can read about the previous trips here. We went in January hoping to hit the sales and I'm pretty sure we did! There were ten of us in all which is the most we've had - so thank you SO much if you came!

This is Lolly, Abi and me in the lift on the way home, thoroughly exhausted!

As you can see I'm wearing my trusty old New Look stripy dress and pink cardigan. I love this dress because it makes me feel amazing, and it's a great length for walking around all day. 

Okay so on to the shopping!

I turn 30 in a couple of weeks (in fact, by the time you'll read this) so I wanted a new dress and some sparkly shoes to wear for my party. In Simply Be I tried on a couple of dresses but didn't like either on me. I did however pick up this jumper in cream, half price at £15! I also picked up some knickers, 3 for £5. 

My penpal Mariska who lives in Holland happened to be over in Yorkshire so I invited her shopping too. She wanted to look at books, so we popped into Waterstone's and recommended some books to each other. I got two on buy one get one half price. 

I bought my birthday dress in Yours, but I'm keeping it a secret until after my party! I promise you'll see it, though. The Yours sale wasn't bad, they have it organised by size so it's easy to find what will fit you. 

I wasn't impressed with the sale stuff in New Look. When we went in October there was loads of sale bargains, and we each took about 15 items into the changing rooms! But this time there was nothing that grabbed me, sadly. I looked for sparkly shoes, too, but couldn't find any. Boo, New Look. I did however get shoes very similar to these for only £10. 

We went for something to eat and for cocktails, I had something called a Sweet Shop which was delicious! I enjoyed it. We went back to the shopping centre and people said their goodbyes and split up. I still needed sparkly shoes so Lolly, Abi and I went into Debenhams where I acted like a proper diva and the two of them brought every sparkly shoe in the entire shop! I finally chose a pair of gold low wedges which I will also show you later. 

Thank you to everyone who came, you make the rad fat gang amazing and the shopping trips fun! 

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