Sunday, July 20, 2014

New bedding from Asda

Lee and I bought a new bed last winter. We had had our old one since we'd moved into this house and it was only supposed to be a temporary measure. Ten years later it was time to finally buy a new one! We went for a king size and it's fab, it's got so much room! We bought a duvet cover and then my mum bought us another one for Christmas. But the first one was a ridiculous fabric that I just really didn't like, so I popped into Asda to see what they had.

The owl on our bed was a ridiculous present from Lee for my birthday. The cushions that we use as a headboard (and for lounging, let's be honest) were a Christmas present from my mum and were all from The Range I think.

My eye was caught in Asda by this white set as our bedroom is grey, black, and white. Yes our colour schemes aren't for everyone but I love it! Our living room is black, grey, and pink, haha.

I also really liked the writing on the pillowcases - "Mine" and "Yours". I knew it would appeal to Lee's sense of humour and it did.

This duvet set was £18 and it's really soft and comfortable.

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  1. Nice ! Been taking a liking to bedding with font on it.