Friday, July 4, 2014

What I Wore 3rd July

I had a hectic day on July 3rd, I went to an exhibition of crocheted/knitted bikes that I will write about later, and then I had a date with some rad fat lasses at Meadowhall. It was an exhausting day but I had fun!

I decided to wear this bright floral dress that I got recently from New Look. I chucked my cardigan on for warmth. I'm also wearing new leggings. Leah recommended them - they're from Very (So Fabulous) and they come in a two pack; there's a shorter pair (these are those and they come to my lower mid calf) and a longer pair, for £20 which I think is reasonable. I got these in a size 24 because I like my leggings tight.

Dress - New Look
Belt - New Look on a different dress ages ago
Leggings - Very
Cardigan - Tu at Sainsburys

I did a bit of a shop in Meadowhall, I'll share some bits later! 

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