Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Review Peter Robinson

I've just finished this book and thought I'd write a small review. I always have a book on the go; I own lots of books and I love them. I am a writer, and although my passion is in realistic Young Adult literature, my tastes in reading vary wildly. I do read a lot of Young Adult stuff (it's all "research", honest) but I also like literary fiction and crime especially. Crime is great because it always all works out in the end!

I first picked up one of Peter Robinson's DCI Banks books about ten years ago, in a charity shop. I got both of my parents into them, and my mum still swaps Banks books with me. This one is headed her way now!

Banks is an utterly likeable policeman, even though he is flawed, and I'm very fond of his sidekick Annie Cabbot. I don't mind the TV version, even though Stephen Tomkinson is NOT the "lean, wiry, 5'8" Banks described in the books! (Something which everyone involved admits!)

This book is set in 2012 which makes it really contemporary. It has contemporary themes too, touching as it does on people trafficking and slavery. I liked the setting of Estonia, too.

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