Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day Trip to The Deep 15th November

The Deep Aquarium in Hull has been there for 11 years but I've never managed to go even though I live only just over an hour from it. Then last week I got a ticket for Lee to go to a gaming expo in Hull, so while he was doing that my mum and stepdad and I went to The Deep.

We arrived at 10.45 and had some breakfast as we'd had an early start and needed food. Then we started the tour, starting with evolutionary history and a beautiful tank of jellyfish. At the centre of the museum is a huge tank with really big fish in, some sharks, some stingrays, and two sawfish. You can see this tank at varying different levels from both top and bottom. At the top of it there's a part where a member of the crew was showing starfish and crabs to children.

Then there were gentoo penguins! We could watch a crew member feed them! There's about 10 and they queued up very patiently for their fish. The penguins are new I think.

We saw lots of fish (3,500 apparently) both tropical and non-tropical, and saw the penguins swimming from further down. We had lunch, finally, having spent 4 hours there! I don't think we were particularly slow, either.

They also have a great deal on where, if you fill in a form when you arrive, you can return for free within a year! So it's like buy one get one free on your tickets! Bear in mind that tickets are only around £10 each anyway, I think that's a bargain. We will definitely go back, maybe next summer. Tickets are cheaper if you buy them online, too.

All the following photos were taken by my stepdad. Flash photography is not allowed but otherwise you can take as many photos as you'd like.

There's quite a lot of photos because I just liked them all!

Me and my Mum - I was wearing that Joe Brown's dress I wrote about a little bit ago, and the Beth Ditto heart cardigan from a few years ago.

Pretty jellyfish

One of the stingrays

Nemo! There were three clown fish and they did keep hiding in the anemone

This is a redbellied catfish

More jellyfish

The sawfish

Tropical fish hiding in the coral

Beautiful sweet penguin

Both of the stunning sawfish

Underneath of the stingray


I loved the colour of this tropical fish

And this one! 

We had such a great day, I'd definitely recommend it for a trip.

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