Saturday, November 8, 2014

Funeral Chic

As I mentioned, Lee's uncle died recently and we went up to Durham (where Lee's from) for the funeral. Now black clothing isn't something I wear often; I like colour and pattern too much. I could have gone for a black top with my long black skirt, but I decided on this black dress from Asos instead. 

I've had it a couple of years and I do like it although I don't wear it often. It's useful for looking professional in. 

I wore tights from the Big Bloomers Company which I heartily recommend as they're great even though these particular ones are thin. I have a tendency to put my fingers through tights and I haven't with these yet. They also stretch ridiculously much, I feel like I could get another person in them with me.

My shoes were from New Look in the Christmas sales this year, they're really comfortable and I thought they were much smarter than my Dr Marten shoes. 

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