Friday, March 20, 2015

PSBloggers love!

Debz has put together a thing whereby plus size bloggers write posts about each other and share the love. She actually wrote about me! You can read it here. I'm really humbled by her words - especially when she says about the good things I do for the community :)

I was given Vicky of The Curved Opinion to write about which is great as I've read Vicky's blog for a while now. I like the mix of subjects on her blog, and I love her fashion style and wish I owned most of her dresses! I also think she's really pretty.

Here's Vicky in jeans - unusual! - but looking fabulous

And here she is in a GORGEOUS dress that I wish I owne

Do you read Vicky's blog? Can you share some blogger love today? Who should I be following? 

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