Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sheffield Clothes Swap

On 7th March we had another clothes swap in Sheffield. The Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective has had loads of swap in Leeds but only a couple in Sheffield, which haven't been as well attended. However, this time LOADS of people came which I'm really happy about. I was really ill so needed a lot of help - thank you SO much to all the supportive people who helped without complaint.

I didn't take any photos so I've stolen these but have credited. You can check out Lolly's post here.


Charlie and me and Lolly on the welcome desk (that sounds really formal - it isn't!). Photo by Cynthia

Swapping in full swing! Photo by Cynthia
Eating in the union afterwards - Debz on the left, Lucia, Naomi, Gem, Cynthia and me. Photo by Lolly.

All the leftovers from the swap went to a women's prison near here as they're desperate for clothes. I can imagine that being plus size in prison is not easy, so I hope the donations helped some people. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next swap!

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  1. What a brilliant place to donate the left-over clothes. I was so sorry to miss it again, despite (for the second time in a row) actually being in Yorkshire. Grumble grumble family commitments grumble grumble!